Network Account

The Information Technology Services Center (ITSC) provides IT services for all students, such as university email account, submitting applications online or other network services.

All students are given a network account with default name based on the student's name (and the initials). You need to activate your ITSC network account before you can use these services. For security reasons, you are advised to change your network account password regularly.

To activate your network account

  1. Have your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) ready for use.
  2. Use the Student Account Activation
  3. Or go to any Express Station and choose the button <Student A/C Activation> from the main menu.
  4. Read the Acceptable Usage Policy and IT Security Guidelines carefully.
  5. Input your Student ID No. and your HK ID Card No. If you do not have a HK ID Card, click the <Date of Birth> button and select your date of birth in the format of year, month and day. Then, click <Submit>.
  6. Your account name and creation status will be displayed.
  7. If your account is created, you will be asked to assign a new password for your account.
  8. After assigning the password for your account, you will be guided to add a two factor authentication (2FA) to your account to strengthen the protection.

After your network account is activated, you can access your email at @Connect (

Forget Password

In case you've forgotten the password after account activation, please go to the page below to reset your network password:

To change your network password

  1. Go to HKUST myPortal, select <Change Network Password> under "Popular Computing Services" of the "Home" tab
  2. Or go to an Express Station, choose the button <Change Network Password> from the main menu
  3. Fill in required information and follow the procedure as prompted.

Notes on a secure password

  • The minimum length is 12
  • Not be names
  • Must have at least 1 alpha character
  • Number of sequential numeric characters cannot exceed 2
  • Number of repetitive, adjacent characters cannot exceed 2
  • Cannot reuse any of the last ten passwords

For the protection of your account, the following are recommended

  • Use mixed case letters, numbers and symbols
  • Use pass phrase with symbols, e.g. twinS /w9 *s (Twins with 9 stars)

Setting Up your Contact Details

Once your network account is ready, your name, email address, department, and possibly other details will appear in the University Communications Directory, which can be searched by anyone using the Internet. If you would like details such as your email address to be displayed to HKUST members only, uncheck the "Open to Public" option. Click here for more information.