English Language Proficiency Assessment (Mandatory)

About English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA)

All newly admitted UG students must take the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) unless they have already received credit transfer for the Common Core English Communication Courses (i.e. LANG1002 and LANG1003). 

The ELPA test consists of two parts:

  • an 8-minute Speaking test
  • a 2.5 hour written test of Reading, Listening, Vocabulary and Writing

It is important that students take both parts of the test so that their LANG1002 instructor can give them feedback and advice to improve before they take the test again in May, when it makes up 40% of the course grade.

Schedule and Enrollment

Students can enroll using the ELPA online registration system.

  • Jul 17-22 Test period for local students with sub-degree qualifications
    (online registration opens Jul 5)
  • Aug 19-23 Test period for all new UG students, i.e. JUPAS, direct entry, non-local / international students. 
    (online registration opens Aug 7)

Please visit the ELPA website for more information and to book your test times: http://cle.ust.hk/tests/elpa/