First-Year Experience (FYE) @Residence Program

About FYE

The First-Year Experience (FYE) @Residence Program is an extension of existing efforts by the Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRL) to enhance residential life education for first-year students. It aims to smooth first-year students’ transition and adaption to new University life and, to engage students in residential life programs of hall communities.

The aims of FYE are:

ADAPTATION: : To live in a peer group led by senior students and residential staff serving as mentors and introducing them to University life;

DIVERSE COMMUNITIES: To develop a sense of belonging and benefit from respectful interaction with fellow students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds and interests;

PERSONAL & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: After learning to make strategic use of the many resources offered at our University, new students will apply what they learn in residence to enrich their own lives.

SHRLO will organize stunning activities and extraordinary programs for FYE participants to engage themselves in the residential community. They also provide crucial guidance and support to students in adapting to University life.

The New Student Orientation marks the start of the FYE Residence Program. It lies the foundation for an active and rewarding year-long residential life at HKUST. There will be three types of events throughout the Residential Year:

  1. SHRL-led activities: The SHRL will organize events which fulfil the aims of the FYE program throughout the Residential Year.
  2. RM-led activities: Residential Masters will initiate activities to build close relationship with students and provide them new insights to their residential life experience.
  3. Faculty-initiated activities: Faculty members will be invited to provide an extended classroom learning experience to the FYE participants.

Highlight of the FYE program in RY1920

During 31 August  to 1 September, the SHRLO will organize Orientation activities for first-year students including a series of social gatherings and fascinating activities. This will allow the students to meet with their hall mates and start their academic year with a boost!

In addition, Residence Masters would tailor hall-based programs for their residents throughout the Residential Year focusing on providing pastoral care to residents.



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