Fire Safety

Regular fire drills are conducted at the student halls and academic buildings to familiarize students with fire evacuation procedures. Get to know the procedures, fire escape routes and assembly points. If you have questions, ask. For your own life and safety, you must cooperate and participate in the drills.

Fire service installations such as detectors and sprinklers are there to protect your life. Do not interfere with these installations or impede their proper functioning.

Fire doors are there to control fire and the spread of smoke. Do not leave fire doors open.

If you live in a student hall:

  • Do not smoke in the rooms.
  • Do not cook in areas other than the pantries or kitchens.
  • Do not overload the power supply in your room by plugging too many electrical appliances to the wall socket.
  • Do not use sub-standard electrical equipment or appliances.

What to do: