School of Engineering

To prepare you for a smooth transition to university studies, the School of Engineering (SENG) has tailor-made a series of events for you. It is important that you attend ALL the events according to your type of admission (JUPAS/local, non-JUPAS/non-local).

All Engineering Students will belong to one Clan during thier first-year of study. Each clan has its own theme: Innovation, Sustainability, Internationalization, Social Service, Entrepreneurship, Music & Art or Sports. Students will select their clans online.


In addition, there are University induction activities and other important action items. Please refer to the CHECKLISTS for JUPAS Students, Local Students (other qualifications) and International/ Non-local Students. Students with a major will receive information directly from your department. 

Academic Advising  

First year students are welcome to access academic advising services from the following sessions and channels.

SENG students (except ISDN students)ISDN students
Non-JUPAS students
  • Aug 9 Fri (10:00-11:00) at LT-K (for local students)
  • Aug 23 Fri (11:00-12:00) at LT-J (for non-local students)
    Attend one session of Academic Advising Talk from time slots above.
  • Aug 7 Wed (10:00–11:00) at Room 2590, ISD Design Studio (for local students)
  • Aug 23 Fri (11:00-12:00) at Room 2590, ISD Design Studio (for non-local students)

JUPAS/ local students
  • Aug 7 Wed (10:30–11:30 or 14:30–15:30) at LT-J 
    Students may attend an Advising Talk before the Online Course Registration
  • Aug 7 & 8 Wed & Thu (10:00-17:00) at Engineering Commons 
    Walk-in consultation
  • Aug 7 Wed (10:00–11:00) at Room 2590, ISD Design Studio (for local students)
All SENG new students
  • Aug 7 & 8 Wed & Thu (10:00-17:00)
    Online Course Registration and Advising at
    *Skipping this session might affect your study progress. 
  • Aug 7 Wed (10:00–11:00) at Room 2590, ISD Design Studio (for local students)

Peer Mentoring Program

Aug 19-23 (to be notified by the peer mentor of your clan) All new SENG first year students

School Welcome and Orientation

Aug 28 Wed (10:00 - 17:00 at S.H. Ho Sports Hall) School Welcome and Orientation for all new SENG first year students.