Interdisciplinary Programs Office

Welcome to the Interdisciplinary Programs Office (IPO). There will be Academic Advising sessions, Welcome and Orientation activities to enable you a smooth transition to University study and success.

Students admitted to Interdisciplinary Programs* are required to attend the Academic Advising session(s) of their program; and also the School Welcome and Orientation.

*Interdisciplinary Programs offered by IPO include:

  • Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management (T&M-DDP)
  • Environmental Management and Technology Program (EVMT)

In addition, there are University induction activities and other important action items. Please refer to the CHECKLISTS for JUPAS Students, Local Students (other qualifications) and International/ Non-local Students.

Academic Advising  

Dual Degree Program in Technology & Management
(T&M-DDP) Year 1 students
  • Aug 7 Wed (15:00–17:00)
    at Room 4380 (4/F, Lift 17-18) 
Environmental Management and Technology Program
(EVMT) Year 1 students
  •  Aug 7 Wed (10:30–14:00, Registration starts at 10:15 and lunch included)
    at Room 4380 (4/F, Lift 17-18)

Non-local students who arrive before their program's Academic Advising session are welcome to join. For those who arrive afterwards, our program staff will contact you directly to do academic advising separately.

School Welcome and Orientation

Aug 30 Fri (11:00 - 14:00), LG1031 and Sports Hall Lobby