What to do

In the case of sudden illness or injury, accident, crime, fire or other emergency on campus that requires immediate assistance,

  • call the Campus Security Control Center at 2358 8999; or
  • call the Hong Kong city-wide emergency phone number 999 and then inform the Campus Security Control Center immediately after.

When you make the call,

  • give your name, location and phone number;
  • describe what happened;
  • do not hang up until asked to do so; and
  • follow any advice that the Security Control Center or the 999 Center may have for you.

Critical Incident Management Procedures

The University has in place a set of procedures in handling critical incidents. A critical incident is a traumatic event or situation that has the potential to:

  • Cause or has caused severe physical injury, or loss of life to member(s) of the University community whether on-campus or off-campus; or
  • Resulted in significant disruption to University’s normal operations.

In case of a critical incident, the Critical Incident Management Team will be activated to manage and coordinate the university community's responses. The Director of Student Affairs is a member of the Team for critical incidents involving students.

For detailed information and guidelines, please check the HKUST Emergency Procedures.