Welcome from the Acting Dean of Students

Dear new students,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, a family you will be associated with for a long long time.  As you are embarking on this new chapter of your life, everything is new and your curiosity sparks. This website serves as a portal to help you get familiar with the campus environment and adapt to the university life, filled with excitement and reward.

HKUST offers abundant opportunities to extend your learning beyond the classrooms and to broaden your experiences beyond our campus. We encourage you to take an active role in your education and seek out the people of resources which will help you make the most of your life, build your network of peers, make a close circle of friends, and most of all, know yourself.

I believe it is important to state clearly the expectations HKUST has for our students. As a member of this community, we hope that you will all uphold some of our core value; Integrity, Respect for diversity, Taking responsibility for the community, all of which would help you long into your future wherever you go, beyond academic and career goal.

In my view, university education is not only a pursuit of academic excellence but also a process to help you truly understand who you are, open your mind, explore your full potential and your shortcoming.  It gives you the opportunities to chase your dream and follow your passion, wherever you are heading for.  Do grasp all opportunities to make your university life a fulfilling and rewarding journey. I look forward to sharing some good times with you.


King Chow
​​​​​​​Acting Dean of Students

President Tony F Chan