Welcome from the President

Dear new students, 

Welcome to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology where you are about to begin one of the most exciting times of your life and the Dean of Students' Office is here to help you make the very most of your freshman year.

We understand that adjusting to a new environment or living in a new culture is nothing easy, you can rest assured that the entire HKUST community will offer tremendous support and resources to help you with the transition, while you can focus on developing your personal and professional capabilities.

HKUST is a focused elite research university. Its great depth of character, diversity, commitment to academic excellence, creative innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and vibrancy, as well as its beautiful natural surroundings contribute to making HKUST an exemplary environment for learning and development.

University is a once in a lifetime adventure that invites you to explore, experiment and broaden your horizons. During the next few years, we encourage you to take courses in different departments, learn beyond the classroom, seek out faculty with diverse interests, and talk with your fellow students from other disciplines. Your university life will be interesting, challenging and rewarding.

We poured in tremendous efforts on this website to help you navigate through your exciting education and beyond. I urge you to make good use of this website and explore every opportunity that comes your way. Once again, we welcome you to join HKUST and look forward to meeting you on campus.

Wei Shyy

President Tony F Chan